Introduction of advanced optical fiber cable access networks, redefined copper networks, enhanced cable networks, next-generation mobile converged communications are making Telecommunications sector as a critical force for growth and innovation around the globe. We cognize this rapid growth is going to continue faced with ongoing disruption from each angle hitting density on telecommunication operators.

We as telecommunications engineering consultants bring our global rich experience to resolve problems for on-going and new telecommunication project rollout.

Our telecommunications offerings focus the following technologies:

  • Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH/FTTX)
  • Gigabit Copper Networks (xDSL)
  • Gigabit Cable Networks (HFC/DOCSIS)
  • NGN IP/Ethernet Networks

Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH/FTTX)

Are you preparing to rollout a brand new Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) or overlay Fiber-To-The-Home on coper or cable networks - GAComm is the right choice of your FTTH/FTTX Networks.

GAComm offers Consulting, Planning, Surveying, Design, Network Testing, Commissioning and Maintenance Services for Greenfield and Brownfield FTTH/FTTX rollout.

Our FTTH/FTTX Offerings cover following Consulting and Managed Services:

  • Business Case Preparation
  • Return on Investment (RoI) Analysis
  • Network Planning & Design
  • High-Level Designs (HLD)
  • Low-Level Designs (LLD)
  • Network Optimisation Designs (OND)
  • As-Build Designs (ABD)
  • Network Testing
  • Remote Configurations
  • Maintenance